A Typical Reading Lesson

A Typical Reading Lesson

Do Now- As children walk in they will see a quick exercise on the board that must be completed. It is often a grammar exercise. They will have to think about the mistakes that were made in the sentence, find a partner, and share what they have observed.

Weekly Vocab or Sight Words-We will discuss the vocabulary list or sight words they have in their homeroom. I will give them strategies to memorize the vocabulary.

Spelling Pattern- We break down their spelling list together by finding patterns. This helps them to memorize their spelling words.

Focus Skill- I introduce their focus skill for the week. Some examples are setting, sequence of events, plot, and author’s purpose. I try to give them strategies that will help them remember what these skills are.

Guided Reading Lesson- I set a purpose, introduce the book, and have them do a picture, make predictions, and discuss how to make connections to the text. We begin to read making sure to stop, discuss vocab, details, and meaning. The children answer questions about the text, make inferences, and draw conclusions. After reading, we retell key events, identify the main idea, talk about the connections we made, and check comprehension

I also utilize Reading A-Z, RAZ-Kids, and comprehension resources for practice.

On their second pull-out day, we rotate through learning centers.