5th Grade Supply List

Grade 5 Supply List


Two 1-inch binders (one extra for Ms. Seegert’s ELA Class)

Five durable folders with holes

Four, one subject notebooks with holes or filler paper for each subject


Colored pencils and/or crayons

Glue sticks

Soft pencil case

Dry erase markers (8 count or higher)


Pencil-top erasers


Binder dividers if you use filler papers


Hand sanitizer

Erasable Pens (MUST be black or blue and be erasable- regular pens are not allowed)

Individual size (small) stapler


*We will set a date that all materials are due into class.  We will then put together your binders/notebooks together as a class.  We will label everything together. Please bring all of your materials to school, in a bag, ready on that scheduled day.  (Do not label anything at home)