Band Karate

Band Karate

Students in 4th grade will be participating in a band karate program. As students progress and master songs and techniques they will earn a colored belt which will be used to decorate their cases. Students will be able to test for their belts during their lesson times. A student can earn one belt a week. Belts must be earned in order.

The belts will be as follows for students who play wind instruments (any instrument besides drums):

White - Rolling Along # 14

  This song has students playing quarter notes.

Yellow - Hot Cross Buns # 17

       This song has students playing quarter notes and half notes.

Orange - Lightly Row # 25

   This song has students playing quarter, half, and whole notes with skips between the notes.

Green - Mozart Melody # 31

  This song has students playing quarter and half notes with bigger jumps between the notes.

Blue - Jingle Bells # 38

   This song introduces dynamics to students.

Purple - Oh Susanna # 44

   This song has students playing eighth notes in addition to quarter and half notes.

Red - Skip to My Lou # 42

    This song has students playing eighth, quarter, and half notes with frequent skips between notes.

Brown - Old MacDonald #  56

     This song introduces marked measures.

Black - Ode to Joy # 57

     This song combines eighth, quarter, half, and whole notes. It also features dynamic changes.

Drummers will have to complete these requirements:

White - A Buzzed Roll (RLRL Hit)

Yellow - Lightly Row using Alternate Sticking

Orange - Flam Taps

Green - Mozart Melody # 31 using Alternate Sticking, Buzzes, and Flam Taps

Blue - Paradiddles

Purple - Jingle Bells #38 using Paradiddles, Flam Taps, and Buzzes.

Red - Double Paradiddles

Brown - Flam Accents

Black - Banana Boat using Flam Taps, Flam Accents, Buzzes, Eighth, and Sixteenth notes.