Introduction to Art
Introduction to Art:
What is Art?

Art is a way to express oneself creatively through a variety of mediums.
Classroom Rules:
1.     Treat others like you want to be treated
2.     Students are responsible for cleaning up supplies and area at the end of each class
Use of everyday art supplies:
1.     Pencils- used to sketch/draw
2.     Markers- used to trace/outline pencil drawing
3.     Crayons- used to color in large surface area
4.     Colored Pencils- used to color in small surface area
5.     Scissors-used for cutting paper. When not in use they are kept point down 
6.     Glue- used for adhering two surfaces together *Bottled glue “Just a dot not a lot”*
7.     Paint- We will be using Tempera and Watercolor paints *All Washable*
8.     Clay- used for sculpting    
Students are responsible for bringing in a smock for art class. Please have the smock labeled with students first and last name. Smocks will be kept in students homeroom and brought to art class on an as need basis.
Ms. Cartegna