Storytown Words To Know

           Storytown Words To Know

I                     a                   my                    the                        go            

to                  like                  he                   come                     here           

this                me                         for                 where                      do           

you                look                one                    see                        what           

two                up                 down                  we                                   want            

out               who                  are                   they                        she             

good              and               there                 give                        little           

that              have                                                                      

 *These are the High Frequency Words from the Storytown series that your child has learned in both Kindergarten and 1st grade so far.  Children should have instant recognition of all of these words.  We practice these words each day in school.  They are part of our classroom word wall and will serve as the basis for this year's reading. Please make it a priority to practice these words with your child each night!