Classroom Rules/Incentives


Mrs. Snell's Classroom Rules ~ Good Manners

*Be Kind*
*Take Turns*
*Raise Your Hand*
*Help Others*
*Be A Friend*
*Say Please and Thank You*
*Be A Good Listener*


*Each day each student starts with 3 tiles; if kept, tiles turn into Fuzzies
*Fuzzies can be traded in later in the week for prizes!
*Students may loose tiles for breaking classroom rules and manners &/or poor behavior
*Class Challenge-Earn 100 marbles as a class to earn a party of their choice
*Team Challenge- Students will work together as a Team to earn points throughout the week! The Team with the most points will be awarded a large Fuzzy!
*Call/email home when necessary
*Brag Tags are earned for student desks throughout the year for individual successes!
*Brag bracelets will be awarded for many different things including scores on assessments, personal successes, great character in and out of the classroom, or other outstanding things!