Games you can play at HOME!!
Tag Game rules at Cecil S. Collins School are as follows:

1. Keep your body under control at all times!
2. Keep an eye out for others and look where you are going!
3. Stay in your own personal space within the general space (Little space/Big space)
4. Always tag other students softly! No pushing or hitting!


Stopping, Listening and Focus
How to play:

Choose three students to be the chasers. Each has a different color scrimmage vest ( Yellow, Red, Green) and one ball of the same color. The chasers run after the other players (cars) and try to tag them. When tagged by a green light (green player) players can run as fast as they want safely throughout general space. When tagged by a chaser with the yellow ball and vest the student tagged must walk throughout general space. When tagged by the chaser in the red the student tagged must freeze until retagged by either the green light or yellow light. 
Activity courtesy of: J.R Leonard - Northside Elementary

Objectives: Cardiovascular Endurance, Dodging, Fleeing, Pathways

Flag Tag

Objective: Spatial Awareness, Cardiovascular Endurance

Equipment: Juggle Scarves

Presentation: Give each student a juggle scarf. They place the scarf in their waistband or pocket. When music begins the students run anywhere they want to go and try not to let another student pull their scarf out. If a scarf is pulled from a student they go to the sideline and ask the "banker" for another. The banker (teacher) tells the student a specific fitness activity to do so they can receive a new scarf. When a student has their scarf pulled out and they are carrying another they can replace teh one that has been taken.

Compliment Tag
Two students are picked to be the taggers. When they tag anyone the person who is tagged remains frozen in place. Another student has to move by the frozen player and give them a compliment. When they hear the compliment the frozen player is unfrozen and can re-enter the activity.

Noodle Tag

Objectives: Cardio Vascular Endurance, Tagging, Chasing, Fleeing, Dodging
Choose three or four students to be taggers. Give each tagger a water noodle. We use three of differing sizes. One is about five feet long, a second is about three feet long, and teh third is a foam baton. When a tagger catches a student by touching them with a noodle, that student has to bend into the shape of a noodle of their choice. They become unfrozen when another student crawls under their noodle shape. 

Tunnel Tag

There are three taggers. Each of the taggers move around the gymnasium and try to tag as many students as possible. When tagged they have to stand frozen with there legs open. In order to be unfrozen another student must crawl through the frozen players legs which unfreezes them

Scarf Tag

Four or five students get a juggle scarf. They are the taggers. If a tagger touches any other runner then that student gives the juggler scarf to that student and they become the tagger

Keep it lit

Divide the class into four groups. Each group is designated a color. Each individual player has their own flex cone of that particular color. Teacher chooses which group is the tagger. If a tagger tags a player from another group that player must stand frozen holding their "torch" up high. One of their players may get a yarn ball from the middle of the gym and place it on the frozen players torch. The frozen player then moves to the center cicle and puts their yarn ball into the middle. They can now re-enter the game. Change taggers about every three to five minutes. 

Hot And Cold

Choose four to six students to be Ice and the sun. We use blue scrimmage vests for the ice people and we use yellow or red srimmage vests for the hot/sun people. The object of the game is for the ice people to tag ALL of the runners. Runners can run anywhere within the gymnasium and there are no safe areas. The sun/hot people tag the frozen runners and they then can reenter the game. Chnage taggers every three to five minutes.
Special rule: No ice person can freeze a sun/hot person. Why? Because they would melt of course!
Bats And Bugs

Divide the class into two groups. One group is the bats the other is the bugs. When music begins teacher calls out the group that is the tagger. When a student is tagged they must sit down and wait until another person in their group tags them, allowing them to get up. After several minutes teacher calls out the other group, who then becomes the taggers.

Pattern Tag

Choose two or three students to be taggers. Choose another three to be the unfreezers, they wear one different colored scrimmage vest each, example would be green, yellow or purple. 
The taggers freeze other students by tagging them softly. When frozen the frozen students must wait for the unfreezers to help them. The unfreezers must follow th epattern which is written on the board. If the pattern is yellow, purple, red then that is the order that the unfreezers must go under the frozen students tunnel. Change patterns each round, and change taggers each round.

Manners Tag

There are two or three taggers who wear a scrimmage vest. 
They run around the gymnasium trying to touch as many players as possible.
When tagged a player becomes frozen and goes down on one knee waiting to be helped by another player. When another player comes by one who is frozen they must politely ask "May I help you?" Frozen player responds "Yes, Please" Helping player can then extend their righ tor left hand to player who is frozen and help them up. When helped up frozen player says "thank you" and helper responds "your welcome" Both players can now re-enter the game.
Elese 5th grade - "This game teaches you manners!"
Demolition Drivers
Divide students into groups of three or four. Each student
has a hoop, each group has a different color hoop. Students move around the gym shuffling their hoop with their feet. If a hoop is touched by a player with a different color hoop that player is frozen. Player may become unfrozen when a player of the same color touches their frozen group mate. 

How are you?
Group stands in a circle. One person is chosen to be the "it" Or tagger. The tagger travels around the circle looking for a "victim," When the tagger chooses that person s/he extends their right hand to that person and politely asks,"How are you?" The "victim" replies politely " Fine,thank you." This will happen a total of three times. At the end of the third "how are you?" Both students run around the outside of the circle in opposite directions. When they meet each other on the other side of the circle they both stop and repeat the phrases. After the third "fine thank you" they again begin to run around the circle to the empty space they left. The player who gets to their empty space first is safe. The other player becomes the next tagger.
Noah 1st grade - "I really like being polite!"
Don't let the virus spread all over the world.Choose three students to be taggers. These players try and tag as many citizens as possible. Choose another two students to be doctors. These players rescue any tagged players. When tagged by a virus, the tagged player must lie on their back kicking their arms and legs until tagged by a doctor. When a doctor tags a frozen player that player is allowed to get up and return to the game.
Skunk Tag
Use five balls as stink bombs. These are the taggers. When a tagger touches another student with their hand, this player becomes a new skunk. They move to the center of the gym and yell"I'm a new skunk" and then try to tag another student.

Adia - 1st Grade - " I don't like to be the skunk."
Objectives - Cardiovascular ebdurance, teamwork, fitness

Place four cones in a rectangle. Divide the class into four equal groups. Each group stands in a straight line behind a cone. When the music begins game begins. Each player runs clcokwise and tries to tag the player in front of them, the roadrunner, before they are able to return to their cone. If tagged, the tagged player must go to the middle of the rectangle and do a specified exercise which is drawn out of a container. When a player finishes their exercise they go back to the end of their line and wait for their next turn.

Celena - 3rd Grade - "The roadrunner is pretty hard to catch, better run your fastest!"
Space Ship Up, Space Ship Down
Each Student is given a hoop. These players are astronauts and are walking throughout outer space. Three other students have a different color hoop and are the taggers or "aliens." All students move around the gymnasium on a space walk while standing inside their hoop. When a player is touched by an"alien"(tagger) they are told by that "alien" spaceship down and must sit on the floor inside their hoop until rescued by another astronaut. To be rescued an astronaut touches a downed spaceship on their head and says"spaceship up" frozen player can now re-enter the game.
Great wall of china 

Objectives: Cardiovascular Endurance, Dodging, Fleeing, Spatial Awareness
All students line up across the baseline. Choose one student to be the emperor. The emperor must remain on the center line but can move laterally on it. When the emperor call " Great wall of china" Students may run across the gymnasium and try to cross the center line without being tagged. If tagged, tagged student must join the emperor on the center line and try and catch other students. Special Rules: Once tagged student cannot pass anyone on the line with them, Only the emperor may call "great wall of china"

Daniel P. - "At first this game is hard but then it gets easy."

Progressive Great Wall Of China

Students begin the game as in great wall of china. However once the emperor has captured five of the villagers they are allowed to choose one villager to be the mayor of a new line/village. The same rules as in the great wall of china are followed. The mayor may not capture anyone while off the line. When five villagers are caught on the new line another village can be formed. At Northside we have had as many as six villages in one game. 
Safety rules - No sliding, No Hard tags, and everyone must cross the line going in the same direction.
"Wow! This is much harder and you have to be a lot more sneaky!" - Gabe

Sharks and Surfers

Objectives:Upper Body Strength, Strategy, Cooperation

Equipment: Scooters and Scrimmage Vests
Choose three students to be the taggers. They wear a scrimmage vest to let the others know they are a shark. Everyone has a scooter and including the sharks and can move around the gymnasium while their bottom, knees, or stomach is on the scooter. If a "swimmer" is tagged by a shark they must go to the "beach"(sideline) and hand their scooter to the next swimmer in line. That swimmer can now enter the game and move about anywhere they want in the "ocean."

Rescue Nemo

Objectives: Cooperation, Upper Body Strength, Spatial Awareness, Small Group Work

Scatter a variety of sea critters on one end of a basketball court. Each student has a partner and each set of partners has a scooter. Two students are selected to be taggers. Each of the taggers is on a scooter.When music plays students with the scooters move to the end of the gym and rescue one of the sea creatures. When the swimmer makes it ot the reef they are allowed "free Scoots" back to their partner with their choice of a sea creature. If the swimmer is tagged before they reach the coral reef, they must turn around and swim back to their partner, who then takes the scooter and tries to rescue one of the sea creatures.

Sarah - Fourth Grade - "I like riding on the scooters!"
Toy Story
Objectives: Cardiovascular Endurance, Cooperation, Fleeing, Pathways, Listening Skills 
Brainstorm with the students eight or nine characters from the movie Toy Story. Write the characters on the chalkboard. Place eleven hoops or polyspots down one sideline. These are Sid's toy boxes . Choose two students to be sid and sid's dog, pick two students to be Buzz and Woody. Sid and his dog stand in the center of the gymnasium, Buzz and Woody stand opposite the sideline with Sid's toy boxes on two polyspots or in two hoops. Other student's stand on the base line and wait to be called. When Sid calls out one of the toys listed on the chalkboard, then the players who choose to be that toy run across the gymnasium to the other baseline. If they reach the baseline without getting tagged they are safe. If they are tagged they go to one of Sid's toy boxes. the only way a captured toy can be rescued is if Buzz or Woody tag them and they get to the baseline without being tagged. game ends when both Buzz and Woody are both tagged. Special rules: Buzz and Woody can ONLY run when a toy is called, Students can change their toy choice each time, toys can only run when Sid and his Dog are facing them.

Kyleigh - 3rd grade - "I really like being Slinky dog!"
Ike,Mike,And Spike

Objectives: Focus,Concentration,Groupwork,,Cardiovascular Exercise

Students group in threes. Each group is gathered around the center circle and group decides who will be ike, mike and spike. A number of beanbags are placed in the center circle, one less than the number of groups. Teacher calls out one of the names. Player with that name runs counter clockwise around the outside of the circle. The other twp partners join hands and make a tunnel. After player one has run around the circle, they enter the tunnel grab a bean bag from the center circle and exit through th etunnel. All three players then sit down together. Each group that has successfully grabbed a bean bag receives one point. Replace beanbags back in the middle and teacher calls another one of the three names.

Skylar - 3rd Grade-"You better listen and stay focused or the other team will get all the beanbags"
Up The River

Objectives: Rolling, Dodging, Jumping

Equipment: eight to ten cones, ten to twelve balls

Place eight to ten cones, or other markers parallel to each other forming a column. Divide class equally into three groups. Players in the river, between the cones try to run up and down the river from end line to end line. Players on the outside of the river attempt to roll balls and hit the "canoes" with the ball below the knees. If this happens players change places and the runner becomes a roller and the roller becomes a runner.

Seth - 3rd Grade - "I run really fast and no one ever gets me!"

Turkey Bowling 

Place twenty styrofoam pins on the center line. Each team has ten pins a differing color than the other team. ALL students each have a ball and begin on their own baseline. When teacher signals them to begin,each student rolls their ball towards their color pin and tries to knock them over. First team to knock their pins over wins. Special rules: students may not roll ball UNLESS they are on their baseline. Students can go anywhere to retrieve a ball. If anyone throws or bounces a ball the opposing team gets a pin knocked over.
- Courtesy of Mr. Maier at Dicken elementary school
Turkey Shoot

Objectives: Cardiovascular Endurance, Responsibility, Underhand Toss 

There are two or three pilgrims who wear pinnies and try to tag the other students. When tagged the student goes to a corner of the gym and tries to toss a beanbag or other object into the turkey - (milk crate) while they stand on a polyspot or other marker to toss the object into the milk crate. When they toss the beanbag into the milk crate they can rejoin the group.

- Courtesy of Mr. Maier at Dicken school, Thanks for sharing this game


Objectives: Bouce Pass, Cardiovascular Edurance, Cooperation, Dodging, Fleeing, Teamwork 

Place six hoops around the gymnasium. Choose six students to be "rescuers" and give each a ball. These students stand in the hoops and wait to help frozen runners. Choose two or three other students to be taggers, and give them the same colored pinnie to wear. If a runner is touched by a tagger then they must stand where they were tagged, and remain frozen until a rescuer is able to bounce a ball to them. When the frozen player catches the ball they can dribble to the hoop of the rescuer who helped them. They now remain in the hoop until they rescue another frozen player. The player who was the rescuer now becomes a runner. Special Rules: if a frozen player misses the ball then the ONLY player that can retrieve the ball is the "rescuer' who bounced it. Any other player who touches it becomes frozen

Hannah - 5th - "Grade I really like this game!"

Stop, Drop And Roll

Objective: Spatial awareness, Cardiovascular Endurance

Choose two or three students to be taggers. They wear a scrimmage vest to differentiate them from the others. If tagged by "fire" the tagged student must stop, drop, and roll while covering their eyes. When they have rolled two to three times they can re-enter the game.

Triangle Tag

Choose four students to be in each group. Choose one student to be a sheep, one to be the wolf, and two to be the sheepdogs. Th esheep and the sheepdogs form a three person triangle. The student who is th ewolf stands outside the circle, tries to tag the sheep, while the sheepdogs (without breaking their hands) spin around, trying to keep the wolf away. When the wolf tags the sheep (easier said than done) the players change roles and try the game again.

Your Choice Tag
Choose one person to be the tagger. They begin in the middle or side of the gymnasium. When asked if they are hungry the tagger "Bear" yells either yes or makes an excuse why they aren't ready. When the bear yells yes ALL of the students run across the gym and the bear attempts to tag as many of them as s/he can. When tagged runners continue across the gym. "Bear" decides which of the tagged animals they want to be the caller next.
"I think of a different strategy each time I run across" - Sarah
" I like to stay behind until the crowd goes" - Henry
Tow Truck Tag 

Choose several students to be the taggers. Taggers try and capture any "race car" they can. If tagged a "race car" has to sit on their bottom and wait until a tow truck comes and helps them to a garage. A tow truck mis able to pull a "race car" by the ankles and takes them to a garage. When tow truck slides that car to a garage then "race car" can leave when they have been repaired.

Pac-Man Roadblock

Choose two students to be the ghosts. The rest of the students are pac-men and can move about the the gymnasium only by walking on the lines. If pac-man is tagged by a ghost they have to sit down on teh line they were tagged and must remain there until they are able to tag a ghost. The pac-men can jump from line ot line but the ghosts may only move on the lines by walking and may not jump from line to line. If a pac-man roadblock tags another pac-man then they are able to move about again and the pac-man that has been tagged is a new roadblock.
Canyon Crossing


Place six or seven cones or other marker to separate a five foot corridor between the wall and the cones from the rest of the gymasium. The canyon is the length of the gymnasium with exception of the five foot corridor. At one end of the gymnasium place three or four milk crates, boxes,or another container. These contain the gold that the"prospectors" are attempting to take. On the other side of the gymnasium from the corridor is an empty container or "leprechauns" chest. Pick three or four student's to be "trolls" they can go anywhere in the gymnasium they want except in the corridor and behind the baselines, these are safe for the "prospectors." Game is played this way. Prospectors begin behind the baseline, prospectors choose to run anytime they want. When a prospector gets to the other baseline they can pick a piece of gold from one of the treasure chests. After taking the gold the "prospector" can go down the corridor until returning to the baseline where they can decide when they want to risk crossing the canyon again. Special rules - If they are successful in crossing the canyon they take one piece of gold and continually carry their gold with them while playing and trying to add more and more gold. If a "troll" tags them as they make their way down the corridor they have to put one piece of their gold into the "leprechauns" chest. 
Lexie - 3rd grade - "Wow! This game is exhausting!"