African American Report

                           Black History Month Project

1.  Choose an important African American man or woman in history to do your project on.
2.  Research the person using library books, the internet, etc.
3.  Write a biography on the person.  (Remember: a biography is a composition about a person's life.) You may write or type your final composition.
4.  Create a project; such as a poster, mobile, diorama, model or anything else that will give a clear illustration of what the person is remembered for.
5.  Prepare an oral presentation.  You will have to tell the class what you learned about your famous African American and talk about your project.  You may use index cards to help you remember what you will say.  

***The biography and project are two separate parts of this assignment.***

Written or typed Biography- 40 pts.
Hand-made PRoject- 40 pts
Neatness- 5 pts.
On Time- 5 pts.
Oral Presentation- 10 pts.