News in room 201

The Busy 3rd Graders

iPhone Reading Projects: This is a year long project that allows the students to display all the wonderful books they have read in the form of a fun and captivating iPhone, which they designed themselves!

RAZ Kids: RAZ Kids is a website designed to enhance reading and comprehension skills through a game set in virtual outer space. The students even create their own avatar and space ship! Students are placed on their individualized reading level and given a large variety of books to read and listen to on-line. Once books are read, questions are then answered. Each child will be given a name and password so they can log in at home, as well as at school.

Focus of the Week: Sequence

Spelling Words:    ought soft yawn walk long also thaw lost cause taught pause straw false author almost swallow naughty somersault sprawling faucet

Vocabulary Words:     blanketed surroundings plummet inverted nocturnal effort dozes swoops detail fluttering

Expanding on Writing: For the winter season, we will be writing poems, paragraphs, and short narratives reflecting the holidays.

Handwriting: This  year the students will learn how to write in cursive.

Go Math: We are full speed into learning our multiplication facts. In class, we make flashcards every other week, and then the students will be quizzed on them. It is very important for the students to study the multiplication flashcards when they are made, at home on a daily basis. We are also getting into division more and more. The students should understand that multiplication and division are inverse operations. The next chapter we are learning about is fractions. Social Studies:  We are discussing the foundation of our country and government. In the next month, we will focus on Black History Month. The project is due Monday, February 13. Science: Life Science - We will be learning about the different ecosystems.

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