Mystery Reader

Calling All Mystery Readers!


*This is a great way to surprise your child! Parents, family, and friends...if you are interested in coming in to read to the class, please send me a "secret" note or email. Together, we will choose any Friday at 1:15 that works. Four clues about the "mystery reader" will be shared with the class throughout the designated week. Remember...this is a mystery so please don't tell your child. I can't wait to meet our new 2016/2017 Mystery Readers!!

*Thank you to our FIRST Mystery Reader, Mrs. Bodziak for coming in and reading Cinderella Skeleton! We loved the story and the Booger Gummies!! Thank you again for a spooky afternoon!!

*Thank you Mr. Ash for being our Mystery Reader!! We loved the story Santa Claus and the Three Bears. Also, thank you for our Jr. Officer badges!! We had a great afternoon!

*A special thank you to Mrs. Ramesar for coming in as our Mystery Reader! We had a blast learning about the differences between butterflies and moths from the book, What's the Difference Between a Butterfly and a Moth. There is beauty all around us, and you helped us share that with our families. We loved the cookies and chocolates, too! Thanks again for a fun filled and educational afternoon!!  

Thank you so much to our TWO Mystery Reader's, Kyllie's grandparents! We had so much fun talking about Christmas and listening to the book, The Polar Express!  We will always remember the sound of our magical bell! Thanks again for a special and festive afternoon!! Thank you so much to Cole's grandma, our next Mystery Reader! It was amazing learning about the real bear named Winnie in the book, The True Story of Winnie. Thank you for the treats too! We had a great afternoon! A special thank you to Mrs. Beegle, for coming in as our Mystery Reader and reading The Growing Tree! The story was great, and the message had such a special meaning. Also, thank you SO much for making a donation on behalf of our class to the food bank. It was very thoughtful and generous of you. Thanks again for an exciting afternoon! Thank you to Mr. Remache for coming in and reading Brownie and the February Fox. It was fun talking about Groundhog Day, and guessing if the groundhog would see his shadow in the next few days. Thanks again for a great afternoon! Thank you Mrs. Osborn for coming in as our Mystery Reader! We loved the book Eight Days Gone and talking about the first trip to the moon. A special thanks for the Valentine's Day mailboxes too! We had so much fun making them. Thank you again!!